Set of Four 2.5oz Espresso Mugs

We’ve made some bespoke boxes to house sets of four of our original mugs. Mugs are the first things we ever made for Feldspar and they continue to be among our most sought after objects. These espresso mugs each hold 2.5oz, or a perfectly proportioned single espresso. Want a double? "Have two!", Jeremy's old Italian boss used to say. Each is cast finely using bright white fine bone china with dimpled, uneven profiles that make them a joy to hold - hands aren’t perfectly cylindrical and neither are our mugs. With a hand painted handle, they come in three colours - our classic Cobalt Blue, bright Geranium Red, Forest Green or, if you’re feeling really fancy, 24ct Gold.

Our new mug set boxes are made from beautiful FSC-certified paper milled in the Lake District that is made into boxes just up the M5 from us at the foot of the Malvern hills. They are printed using a shiny gold foil that contrasts perfectly with the muted elegant tones of the paper.


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Set of Four 2.5oz Espresso Mugs

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