Gold Striped Scented Candle

We have made some striped versions of our scented candles exclusively for The Conran Shop. These fine bone china candle beakers are hand-painted to create a wonderful addition to a mantlepiece or festive table. The beakers are handmade in locally sourced fine bone china with our characteristic ‘dimpled’ profile - they can be used as pen pots post-candle, or as a beaker for tea! Fine bone china is the strongest type of ceramic and therefore it can be cast very finely so as to let the glow of the candle light shine through it - the beaker becomes a glowing lantern the further down the candle burns. 

Our scented candles come in three distinct scents, all inspired by the landscape that surrounds us here in Devon. Each is made from plant derived wax and is scented only using 100% natural essential oils - much nicer than burning synthetic chemical fragrance. The 24ct Gold striped beaker contains our 'Moor' candle - reminiscent of our home in Dartmoor. Using a blend of natural essential oils with a heart of juniper and pine needle, a spiced base and citrus top notes. It is a deep and woody fragrance with a freshness running through it that captures the joy of rambling through misty valleys of fern and gorse.

Gift boxed and comes with its own little box of matches. A beautiful gift - and they complement our baubles delightfully.

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Gold Striped Scented Candle

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