Large Cafetiere (1l)

A Cafetière. Or French press. A staple in our house when we’re making coffee for a crowd (otherwise Jeremy ends up playing barista, and it takes forever). The French press was invented in 1933 (by an Italian, Calimani) to make it possible for anyone to make a good cup of coffee in their home.  We had wanted to make a ceramic one for a while - to take the idea of the coffee pot’ (a teapot-like vessel used simply to serve previously brewed coffee in) and cross that with the Cafetière - to make a functional coffee pot for the table. Cutting out the coffee maker middleman and making the ritual of coffee for more than four a delight.

Handmade in our workshop in Devon using fine bone china from Cornwall, the cafetière has stainless steel parts made for us by Steve at his mill just down the road on the outskirts of Exeter. The steel we’ve used is medical-grade, because it’s the best you can get. The jug has an elongated spout to ensure a perfect pour, a large hand-painted handle and a dimpled lid with a fine bone china pull on top that’s a wonkily imperfect circle, to add an element of sketch-like surprise. Available in either Cobalt blue, Forest Green or 24ct Gold. We also make a small, two cup cafetière here

  • Fine Bone China
  • Handmade in Devon
  • Hand-painted handle and details
  • h 280mm w 180mm d 100mm
  • Capacity 1l
  • Gift boxed in a greyboard stitched box 
  • Dishwasher Safe except 24ct Gold which is hand wash only
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    Large Cafetiere (1l)

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