Summer News

Summer News

For the first time since we started making the majority of our fine bone china items ourselves in Devon, we took two weeks off. We flew to Corfu (no chance of quickly popping into the workshop from there, ha!) and spent our days wondering what to barbecue for dinner or whether to eat at Tomas's up the hill (Taverna Foros in Old Perithia, in case you're in that neck of the woods...). And it was bliss - there is nothing quite like lying in a hammock, ouzo in hand, staring at the sun sinking into the sea, Albanian mountains hazy in the distance. It was really good to be home again though. Sure, it helped that our return coincided with a heatwave, but still. Back to the young hound Bernard, back to the studio, back to the workshop and back to making and planning and designing new things. And packing up ceramics to send them all over the globe, with quite a lot of jumping on bales in-between.


Our teapot is sitting pretty in some illustrious company in August's World of Interiors, which we are over the moon about. It is a beautiful shoot, full of some mighty fine teapots (including one that costs the earth) and styled wonderfully by Miranda Sinclair. 


Ice cream bowls, held (expertly) by Verity, one of the newest members of the Feldspar team. These ice cream bowls are the perfect size for both ice cream AND snacks AND kiddie portions of cereal, as well as puds or smaller sides. At the moment, there's one on the table at all times filled solely with radishes, my current obsession. 


We were interviewed by the brilliant Fields in Fields website all about how we started and run Feldspar from rural Devon. Fields in Fields is a space devoted to rural economies and features a host of in depth interviews with rural makers and businesses of all types, all accompanied by beautiful photography. See our interview here, but also check out all the others on the site, they're great insights into how rural economies are changing.


We've got a selection of gift boxed collections on the website, with the lovebirds in mind. It's wedding season and if you're like us and like to go off-list/piste with your gift choices then we've curated some sets ideal for any happy coupling, with a little discount thrown in for good measure. We can also gift wrap them for you - just send over an email to after you've ordered! 


The workshop on the cider farm has had a lick of paint and is blindingly white now in the sunshine, and inside things are taking shape too - we've been working from here since January, but it's only recently that it's been watertight so we can begin to properly move things in. It's a lovely spot to commute to every day, up and over a few hills and down a steep and winding drive - we feel very lucky to have found it (the only alternative we had would have been a soulless industrial unit on the edge of a town, not ideal - although probably with level floors...). See below the first piece of furniture in the currently empty upstairs office - a sofa - currently inhabited solely by the CEO, busy doing the accounts* on his iPad. 


* Almost certainly playing Lego Star Wars