We have made fine bone china Baubles! Crafted by the skilled hands of our ceramicists in our workshops in Devon, they are each delicately dimpled with looped handles to create a striking silhouette against the deep greens of the Christmas tree. Our unique baubles are crafted from locally sourced fine bone china using a rotation moulding machine that founder Jeremy designed and made himself - they're more commonly used for making chocolate easter eggs, so we had to invent one for ceramics.  

Each bauble is made by pouring clay is into a bespoke handmade plaster mould that is then attached to the Bauble Making Machine - it rotates the moulds in both directions simultaneously to ensure that inside the clay reaches all around to create a perfectly even bauble. This ensures that we can cast the baubles as finely as possible so they don't weigh down branches – fine bone china is the strongest type of ceramic and so can be cast extremely finely.

The looped handles are then attached and they are sponged down to smooth them out before firing for the first of three firings. They are glazed to achieve a high gloss finish (excellent for reflecting twinkling lights), fired again and carefully decorated by hand with a striped pattern reminiscent of antique glass baubles we have at home.

Decorating the tree is always a special annual ritual – unboxing old decorations that remind us of special places and people and moments in time and adding new ones to join the collection for years to come. Our handmade fine bone china baubles are beautifully gift boxed and come hand-painted in either our classic Cobalt, 24ct Gold, bright red Geranium or festive Khaki green and finished with a luxurious velvet ribbon. For the tree for generations to come!

Scroll down for a pictorial guide to bauble making!