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Mother's Day

March, 2020
Mother's Day

Mums are important. Hold yours close if you can, or give them a ring. This new world is really hammering home the fact that we need to stick very close to our loved ones. Or give them a ring if you can’t be physically there for them. One thing’s certain, we must take every chance we can to bring joy in these troubling times, so all this week we’re giving away one of our cold-process soap bars with every order over £50.  They’re naturally anti-bacterial and made using the traditional cold-process method so they retain all the goodness of the natural ingredients. 

We’ve made a Mother’s Day gift selection on the website, essentially all my favourite things, and I’m a mum (of two!) so I really feel I’ve got the inside track here… there’s big mugs for hot chocolate, medium sized mugs for a milky coffee (my favourite, and essential when you’ve got young kids), handmade soaps and their dishes to accompany a long hot soak in the bath (also essential), scented candles to light said bath and vases for a huge bunch of flowers freshly cut from the garden. Oh, and a pasta bowl, for a steaming mountain of pasta to be eaten in front of a movie. Probably ‘When Harry Met Sally’, for old time’s sake.  The only thing missing is a Rosamund Pilcher novel and a wine glass but we don’t make them. Yet… 

See our Mother's Day gift selection here

p.s. the picture above is me (Cath) and my mum, and two of my three brothers. I think I'm about four, or have just turned four. We're on a Greek island, and I still have (and use) that towel. 


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