A large Colander sitting tall on handmade feet to elevate it above the work surface and allow for superior drainage. Made from fine bone china, the strongest type of ceramic, this colander was born as so many of our products are: by a need to create something that really works - an object special enough for the table, handmade in fine bone china, but perfectly functional too. The feet lift it high for perfect drainage, the hand punched holes the perfect diameter to let water out and keep spaghetti in.

A thing of beauty, elegant enough to be kept out on the worktop at all times filled with fruit and veg until it’s needed. Handmade in our Devon workshop, with a slightly uneven body covered in hand-punched holes and hand-formed feet straight out of a storybook. With handles hand painted in our classic Cobalt blue, Geranium red or Forest Green colours. Filled with pasta, pears or paraphernalia, it is a delight to use and to behold.

 Diameter 245mm, height 120mm, width (including handles) 300mm

Handmade in Devon using fine bone china

Dishwasher safe

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