Small Berry Bowl

Berry bowls - little fine bone china colanders, raised off the tabletop with hand-formed feet - are the perfect size for a punnet. Lovely enough to wash and go straight onto the table, they are a supremely elegant way to get bugs out of your berries. They come in two sizes, small and medium. For small and medium sized berries, respectively. This, the smaller size, is perfect for blueberries or currants. Or filled with quail's eggs (pictured) or olives. 

Each bowl is hand made in our Devon workshops with our characteristic uneven tactile body, three little feet straight from a storybook and a hand-painted band around the rim in either Cobalt blue, Geranium red or Forest Green. The holes are each hand-punched - these are truly a labour of love. A beautiful object to have on the table and countertop, and one that is endlessly useful too. A perfect object for life. 

  • Small Fine Bone China Berry Bowl
  • Handmade in Devon
  • Gift Boxed
  • d. 130mm h. 60mm
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Small Berry Bowl

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