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Making the Teapot

July, 2018
Making the Teapot

We'd always wanted to make a teapot, and, after all, what are tea mugs without one? It took us longer than anticipated - striving to achieve the 'perfect pour' meant that a lot of prototypes fell by the wayside, but below we've attached some images to show the progression from an initial plaster 'sketch' model, to casting and refining prototypes, making multiple moulds, to the finished glazed fine bone china object. 

The process begins with an idea which is then sketched out in 3D - carved from plaster blocks - to get an idea of the shape and feel of the object and how the different elements of the teapot interact with one another.  When we have a shape that we are happy with we will make a final plaster model, which we will then cast in clay and bisque fire to test it's usability - the perfect pour. At this stage, we then glaze it if we're happy, or refine elements of the design either on a new model or a new mould to test again. And again...  

We're delighted with how it's turned out - no straight lines, a delightfully dimpled exterior and capacious interior to hold multiple cups of tea. Ideal. 

For more information, check out the press release here. We are also holding some of the first batch of teapots back so as to have some for sale directly from us on the website - available to pre-order now here.


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