July News

July News

It’s July and high summer, and for once we’ve been basking in temperatures hotter than the med. The lane is dusty and smells of honeysuckle, puddles I never thought would dry out are actual hard ground and we’ve been living outdoors - digging for clay, refining it and setting countless plaster moulds for the new additions to our tableware, more of which later… but first, the launch of our teapot! 


Although a teapot was one of the first things on our list of ‘things we’d love to make’, it proved tricky, a technical challenge to achieve the ‘perfect pour’. We’ve spent an age designing and refining our teapot, and are delighted with the final object. Made from the same crisp white fine bone china as our other tableware, with hand painted Cobalt handles and spout, it sits beautifully next to all our other pieces with its dimpled sides and elegant lines. To find out more about the journey it has taken, from the initial models to a finished design, click here.

Although on the shelf in selected stockists from mid-July, we are reserving a few for pre-orders on the website - ready for sending out late-July. Click here to order.


Meanwhile, our own clay collection is coming together. From beginning to end, these products are created from our tiny patch of earth here in Devon - delicate, thin-walled cups with a barely-there white glaze that accentuates the form of the earthenware beneath it, left partially unglazed to highlight the beautiful deep rust colour of the clay. Available now to pre-order, we hope to have them ready to go by mid-July.


As well as launching a complete set of tableware - plates, bowls, jugs, eggcups - you name it, we’re making it - at London Design Week in September, we’re also busy updating old favourites. Our beaker has always been the odd one out in our collection, bereft of any blue accents. Until now. We’ve added a squiggly stripe around the rim of our original beaker, reminiscent of sketches in children’s books (a big influence right now, for obvious reasons…). Click here for more information.


And to wrap things up, and continue our series of ‘helpful gift ideas’ for wedding presents (or any present, for that matter), why not plump for a pair of mugs. One each, to help young lovers ease into married life without arguing over who’s whose. Beautifully packaged, each of our handmade mugs comes in its own bespoke gift box, made from paper milled in the Lake District and hand-assembled at the foot of the Malvern hills.  If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is…

COMING SOONAfter a brief trip to the land where lemons grow, we'll be back in the studio busy making the extended collection ready for a September launch. From cake plates to pasta bowls, eggcups (with lids!) to soap dishes, the new objects will happily sit with our existing tableware, making it possible to use Feldspar for any and all culinary needs in the very near future!Pictures of works in progress will be on our instagram as we knuckle down for the rest of the summer, long may the sunshine last - the moulds are drying exceptionally quickly at the moment...

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