Autumn News

Autumn News

And just like that, we're deep into Autumn. Those balmy September evenings seem like aeons ago as the fire is lit, russet leaves hide the grass and pheasants crowd the lanes. And the world is gearing up for Christmas, the ubiquitous adverts are out in force, tugging on heartstrings to try to endear you to one store over the other. It's a machine we are I suppose both a part of and, hopefully, an antidote to - we meticulously handcraft all of our wares and we want them to be cherished - for life. Not too much to ask then... 


It's been a change of daily pattern for us this Autumn, getting used to the routine of studio time and kiln schedules as we've taken on more of our production - hand making our new fine bone china collection here in Devon. Each item is fired three times, each firing decreasing slightly in temperature - there's the initial bisque fire, a 24hour cycle that vitrifies the bone china, followed by the glaze fire: melting the transparent glaze to make the wares useable, preserving forever the bright white of the fine bone china. And finally, the decoration firing - to set on the hand painted Cobalt or 22k Gold touches and a stamp beneath. 


 NEW COLLECTION NOW AT CONRAN SHOPWe're delighted that our new collection is now available in store at Conran Shop - each item handmade by us in Devon from English fine bone china with hand-painted deep Cobalt sketch-like detailing to ensure each piece sits happily with our existing collection - timeless, minimal and elegant. From Salt Cellars to Cake Stands, it's all available now in their Chelsea flagship store!


#DIGYOUROWNCLAYOur Devon clay mugs are available online in both Espresso and Coffee sizes (2.5 and 7oz respectively, perfect for a single espresso or a flat white), we have very limited stock now though as we're nearing the end of our initial batch of home dug clay . These mugs have been hugely popular -thank you! They are at the other end of the spectrum from our bone china ones, which has been a fun challenge when making - switching from one - pristine, white, exacting, to the other - raw, reddish and much more free. 

 GOLD!The new collection is all also available with 22k Gold finishing, all coming to the website this week. See a sneak peek of the new candle holder, replete with a natural beeswax candle and Gold banding just catching the last of the Autumn sun. With a deep saucer surrounding it to catch wax spills and carry matches/chocolate.We're just putting the finishing touches to our NEW range of gift boxes, which I am so pleased with, they deserve their very own newsletter, coming to your inbox ASAP (if you subscribe down below)! Until then, you'll find us sponging down eggcups, ready for some kiln time...