Tea Strainer

My grandparents never touched teabags - loose leaf tea was the only way forward and we are inclined to agree. The glue, bleach and general waste that goes into some teabags filled us with dread and guilt, and so we began to change our habits, to go back to the ritual of loose leaf tea where we could, rather than the ease and convenience of tea bags.

Our tea strainer is handmade from fine bone china, with hand-punched holes that are just the right size to stop the leaves falling through and a hand painted handle. It’ll sit over any size of cup or mug, and can be hung from its handle when not in use. Available in either Cobalt blue, Forest Green or 24ct Gold.

  • Fine Bone China
  • Handmade in Devon
  • Hand-painted handle
  • length 165mm ø 40mm
  • Gift boxed in a greyboard stitched box 
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    Tea Strainer

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