Oval Platter

A new platter for serving up a storm. Perfect for huge fennel salads to feed a crowd or for a whole roast chicken or even a side of salmon. A party platter - made to sit on a table amongst (many) friends.

This platter has low, almost flat sides - ideal for a whole barbecued fish or even a pavlova pudding. It has a very small lip to catch the juices from a smorgasbord of strawberries, it is more plate than bowl. A supremely elegant way to present anything from chicken to chickpeas, it is handmade from fine bone china in our Devon workshops and has hand painted banding in either Cobalt or 24ct Gold. Due to the huge size of this dish, the surface can appear slightly more dimpled than our plates, this is a trait we embrace - the marks of the maker.

- 52 cm x 28 cm x 2 cm

- Fine Bone China 

- Handmade in Devon

- Unboxed

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