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Cobalt Milk Jug
Cobalt Milk Jug
Cobalt Milk Jug

Cobalt Milk Jug

When we first moved down to Devon, we made plates and bowls out of necessity - we needed them - a lot of them, to cater for our families coming down for a moorland Christmas - so we designed some we loved and made them. In a similar vein, we’ve made ourselves a Milk Jug - we needed one, so we made one!

Our Feldspar Milk Jug is dimpled, tactile to pick up and hold, pouring perfectly through a fine Japanese-inspired spout, with a slick of hand-painted Cobalt on the tip of the spout. In bright white fine bone china, it complements perfectly the rest of the collection. 

Details +

Fine Bone China
Handmade in Stoke-on-Trent
H 90mm ø 65mm
Capacity 8oz
Gift boxed

Care Instructions +

Dishwasher safe

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