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Packing up fine bone china is a tricky business, especially when there's no plastic bubblewrap involved. When we visited Japan, long before Feldspar was even a vague speck of an idea, Jeremy bought some socks. At the checkout, without us asking, they were wrapped in layers of tissue and tied with string, then placed in a paper bag and carefully handed to us. This labour of love for something seemingly so innocuous and everyday inspired us to spend  time and attention on how our objects are packaged, and how important it is that they arrive with their new custodians both thoughtfully packaged and presented with care. 

This is why everything we make comes in its own bespoke box, and why all of our boxes are themselves handmade in England (just like their contents!) - and all from 100% recycled paper. And also why you will never find a shred of plastic anywhere near them - even our ‘bubblewrap’ is made from paper.  All of our packaging is fully recyclable, or - even better - reusable. 


Our gift boxes are hand stitched using sturdy greyboard which is usually just the ‘bones’ of a box, covered in extra paper so that all glue is hidden. We, however, like the simplicity of the raw material and the stitches (brass staples - no glue in sight) and so we keep them minimal, with just our logo stamped a top each box using Gold hot foil. The company that makes them for us in England has been stitching boxes like these for over 100 years, a sure sign of quality, and they are filled with shredded recyclable coffee cups made from the waste from the manufacturing process, rather than actual used cups!

Our packaging has recently been featured in a book - ‘Minimalist Packaging: Enhancing Creative Concepts’ by Chris Huang, available now. She writes of our boxes:

“with the brand’s philosophy ‘objects for life’ - making beautiful objects that will last a lifetime - an antidote to a throwaway consumer culture, the boxes needed to reflect this. As such, they were designed to be quietly elegant, not shouting to be seen, pared back to just two elements: beautiful high-quality paper in muted colour and only essential information embossed on the boxes”


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