Spring News

Spring News

Devon is pulling out all the Springtime stops: the sun is shining, lambs bound about every field in sight, bunnies hop into the hedge as you walk past and the blossom is giving over to bluebells which are in turn being crowded over by clouds of cow parsley. And it's green, blindingly GREEN, everywhere!Things have been quite busy at Feldspar HQ - hence the arrival of this newsletter in early May rather than the March it was intended for (will have to recycle my initial working title 'The Ideas of March' for next year).  We're still setting up the new workshop, which does now have an end in sight - touch wood - while also working all day, every day making things - the kilns have been on on a loop since early January, and we tend to schedule our down time to coincide with long bisque firings, where the cycle takes over a day to cool. Every object we make is made by hand - either ours or the potters up in Stoke on Trent - and it's really good to remind ourselves of this once in a while: that we're not a big factory, and that's what makes our objects special. 


Back in March we were featured in the venerable House and Garden magazine, who came down to visit back in September to ramble about the moor with us. Michael Sinclair took the most beautiful photos, not an easy feat when you're working with a toddler and an oversized hound, and the very lovely Emily Tobin wrote a brilliant article all about our life here in Devon and why we set up Feldspar. We're so so grateful to them for taking the time to shine a light on our work, and thank you to everyone who has got in touch since from all corners of the globe with such lovely words! The magazine isn't out anymore, but you can find the article online here


Our Cobalt collection is now stocked at Matches, which we are over the moon about (and in such illustrious company)! The image above is from their beautiful styling on the website, and this very week we also lent some of our Cobalt plates for a dinner at their showroom 5 Carlos Place to celebrate the launch of Phaidon's new doorstopper of a book, 'Interiors: The Greatest Rooms of the Century' by William Norwich. It was a wonderful evening, all kicked off with excellent (and hilarious) talks from architect Ben Pentreath, interiors legend Nicky Haslam and print designer Carolina Irving. See picture below of the table setting, a blue and white dream. 


It's the perfect time of year for an egg or two. Well, anytime of year is the perfect time of year tbh, but right now you can dip an army of just-in-season asparagus in those golden yolks. Our egg cups have a generous saucer surrounding them to host aforementioned dippables. And a lid too, if you choose, to keep your egg warm while you're steaming them. Or just can't find the salt.