Up With The Lark

Up With The Lark

We're on a podcast! A little while ago we spoke with the lovely Calandre Orton for her brilliant podcast Up With The Lark. We spoke all about living a creative life intentionally very far removed from London. She writes the following: 

"Whilst London is a world famous centre for the full range of creative industries, it has been refreshing to see those outside London thriving. And thriving is exactly the word to describe our guests today. Jeremy and Cath Brown are the founders of Feldspar...

More than a creative triumph, it is also seems to be a triumph of living well. A family life of fresh air, tangible contentment and creative exploration and flair. That and a tree house that wouldn't look out of place on The Modern House.

We hear about life in Devon, how the business began, the joys, frustrations and potential of life outside the Big Smoke, what tempts them back (occasionally) and a glimpse into the future of Feldspar."

So without further ado, here's a link - have a listen and do let us know your thoughts!