Feldspar + Tanya Ling Studio

Feldspar + Tanya Ling Studio

We are delighted to announce a collaboration with the artist Tanya Ling. I haven’t written about art since my university days so I’m a little out of practice, but here goes: Tanya is our favourite artist. Long long ago, when Feldspar consisted of just Jeremy and I sitting around our kitchen table musing over who we could work with (in the dream world we often occupy), Tanya's was always the first name we thought of. So to have actually embarked on this creative venture together has been, in short, awesome.

The exploration of our forms and materials through the eyes of an artist has been wonderful to observe - the extremes to which the fine bone china can be taken - pushed and pulled and re-sculpted - and the beautiful new objects that Tanya has created, painting and sculpting our existing forms but with the freedom of being able to use the material without limits.

The works we’ve created together will be exhibited on Saturday 22nd May at The Carriage Hall in Covent Garden, marking the end of Tanya's six month residency there. We will be there all day to wax lyrical about it all so would love to see anyone who can make it, please RSVP if you'd like to book a particular time as social distancing restrictions will apply. Details below:

Tanya Ling Studio + FeldsparThe Carriage Hall29 Floral StreetCovent GardenLondonWC2E 9DP

Saturday 22nd May 202111am - 6pm