Jeremy's Whisky Sour Recipe

Jeremy's Whisky Sour Recipe

After reading Stanley Tucci's brilliant book 'Taste' a couple of years ago, Jeremy decided to really get into after work drinks - the type of drinks that involve a cocktail shaker and a chilled glass. He was inspired by Tucci senior, who would habitually mix a drink on arriving home from work. Just the one, to savour both the process of making it and the drink itself. It's very easy when running your own company to let work and home blend into one, but this way there's a definite stop to one and start to another. Here's Jeremy's (much) tried and tested whisky sour recipe below, along with the (very basic) tools you need to make it. Enjoy!



  • Bourbon. Our favourites are Bulleit, Maker's Mark or if you're feeling fancy then Catoctin Creek
  • Lemon Juice
  • Simple (sugar) Syrup (buy or make - 2:1 sugar to water, heated to dissolve and cooled, see note!)
  • Egg white
  • Bitters to garnish



  • Lemon Juicer (this one is really good)
  • Strainer (this one is ideal)
  • Something to shake it in - a cocktail shaker or just a large jar. Or Jeremy's favourite, our Nutribullet (not using the motor, just as a shaker with the lid)
  • 2.5oz Espresso Mug to measure


Use your 2.5oz espresso mug as your shot measure. Fill it up to the top with your whisky of choice. Pour it into your shaker of choice (as above, no need for a fancy one) with no ice. Add in 1/2 an espresso mug of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/3 of an espresso mug of simple syrup and 1/3 of an espresso mug of egg white.Give that a dry shake for 30 seconds to get it nice and foamy (that means with no ice).

Then put ice in the shaker and give it another shake 'until your hand goes cold'. Very technical instructions these. Pour it out through your strainer into a coupe glass. 

Add a couple of drops of angostura bitters to garnish, and enjoy! 

N.B. Jeremy makes the simple syrup by heating one of our 4.5oz tea bowl's worth of water with two tea bowl's worth of sugar until it dissolves and this fits perfectly into a little 'Monin' sugar syrup bottle that he keeps in the fridge. 

p.s. Jeremy would like it to be known that I went slightly off piste with the bitters for this photo, and that while he does not sanction such liberal bitters spreading on top of his whisky sour, he would nonetheless drink this one.